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3 Ways to Treat Hepatitis C

When first being diagnosed with Hepatitis C, it can be a hard coming to terms with this news. There are many ways to contract the disease such as tattoos, sharing a needle with someone that was infected, or even a blood transfusion are the most common ways. While it is a severe disease, there are now different ways to treat Hepatitis C. The Digestive and Liver Disease Center of San Antonio can help you implement these treatments if you might be suffering from Hepatitis C in San Antonio. 

Decrease Alcohol Intake: 

While alcoholic beverages might not have been the original method of contracting the disease, it does play a part in how healthy your liver is, an organ that Hepatitis C effects. Avoiding alcohol, especially for those that have been diagnosed with hepatitis for a long period, is the best way to maintain your liver’s health. 


There is now an antiviral medication that can try to rid the body of the disease. Those that are affected will have to take an anti-viral drug for about 12 weeks for the medications to work. What this treatment does, is prevent the virus’s ability to replicate, though it is still present in the body. When the viruses can’t reproduce and create more cells, the effects of the disease cease, so the liver and the body remain healthy. 

Visiting the Doctor:  

As mentioned above, one of the unfortunate signs of hepatitis is that you often will not show symptoms until the disease has done enough damage to the liver in your body. One way to see if you have caught the viral infection unknowingly before it spreads is to schedule a regular visit to your doctor. They often will test the body for any disease during the checkup process, especially if you have one of the risk factors previously mentioned. 

As you can see, there are some treatment options and lifestyle choices that one can make after being diagnosed with Hep C. The Digestive and Liver Disease Center of San Antonio can help those that have Hepatitis C in San Antonio. We offer a treatment plan that is created to fit every patient and their needs. If you would like to schedule a consultation today, you can call us at (210) 941-9662 or set up an appointment online at  

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